Dear final exam 

Another day that i've been arriving at home around midnight. Finishing my 9 to 6 and continuing to another place to looking up and got some references for my final exam proposal. And what i got is, i found my self that i didn't fit and match to work with a team 😂 I know... Continue Reading →

You know your life is hanging on a cliff when you didn't even have a time to brush your hair since the morning till now, you just arrived in, right before 12. I'm gratefully that i didnt change being a pumpkin 😑

Dear heart. 

Dear heart,  Lets see how far you'll play with him, this time..  Oh,  i forgot to ask you this since the first place..  Why should be him?  Just why???? 


I love to feel the feeling everytime i notice that you are already coming thru your desk.  I love to feel the feeling how the way you've searching the right time to disturbing me from my task whenever you see me getting too focus and lonely.  I love to smell your parfume everytime you try... Continue Reading →

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