Dear final exam 

Another day that i’ve been arriving at home around midnight. Finishing my 9 to 6 and continuing to another place to looking up and got some references for my final exam proposal. And what i got is, i found my self that i didn’t fit and match to work with a team 😂

I know that can be bad. But i can’t help when my partnert can’t meet the logical, nor not even close to my expectations. Or am i putting my ambitions to high? And what makes me pissed off is everytime this partner say “duh sorry aku nggak ngerti, itu harus gimana ya?” maksudnya gimana sih? ” at the same times they post selfie and their hits life in social media. What the fuck 😤

In others times i would not tolerance for thus stupidity, but since this project team for final exam, i would give my best of patience and act like they didn’t do anything wrong with the attitude and the careless of this projects.. 

Dear you final exams, you taught me a lot this time. But still, Damn you final exam 😒


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