Life Lesson : About Move On and Letting Go

Setelah tragedi 12 february dimana gue dan temen-temen gue ngerasa di rampas tiba-tiba kebahagiannya sama si empunya corporet terkaya di negeri sakura sana, harus mulai putar otak dan berjuang lagi dari awal buat nyari company company hilaf yang sanggup bayar kita orang yang banyak maunya ini 😀 😀 So after severals month of confusing and sadness... Continue Reading →


A year has been pass by really soon.. A good feeling that start in the morning, but ruined in a minute when i stuck on traffic jam. A same song that me and my friends sang along with the rhyme of his motorcycle machine. A needed cup of coffee that turn into a kind of... Continue Reading →

forgive, not forget

and after 7 years, i keep found my self can't over this feeling. its not a feeling to keep fall for, but a feeling to keep hated. hating my self. hating the way i still can't over my feeling hating you. hating my self that i can't over feeling ashamed after being rejected. hating my... Continue Reading →

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